Hear what our existing clients say about us.

Sandra Purnell

“I found my last consultation very valuable as some aspects of retirement were unknown by me and being made aware of them was quite helpful.”

Ken Elborne

“We were first attracted to RI at a free seminar when we decided to retire. That seminar explained things so well and then Paul set up an allocated pension for us. Upon his leaving we did not know what to do but remained as clients and have been very happy with Jeff’s help.”

Rob & Cheryl Parsons

“After leaving the family dairy farm at 15 years old to start an apprenticeship, I never realised life could be so hard. Anyway, I kept working and eventually married. By 1979 we had bought land, built an industrial shed and opened an engineering works. Only to be presented over the next few years with droughts and high interest rates. We managed to stay afloat by borrowing heavily and diversifying. By 2001 we were getting into a bigger financial mess, mainly because of my mismanagement. I needed help. I shopped around to find the financial advice I wanted to hear and ended up in the office of RI Toowoomba. We presented a schedule of figures which would frighten anyone and RI were game enough to take us on as clients.

I must admit that at first I doubted their plan but chose to take it on board and comply. We still find it hard to imagine that five years later at the age of fifty seven we would be retired. Now, ten years later, we are still happy clients of RI. With their financial management looking after our investments, we are enjoying our retirement, without the worry of mortgages and being able to enjoy great family time and being able to do whatever we wish to do.

The staff of RI who we have had the pleasure of being associated with over the sixteen years has all gone above and beyond all expectations to be helpful and assist us however they can. They are an exceptional group of people and we would recommend them to anyone requiring financial management.”

John Fox

“We feel that RI places importance on our best interests in relation to management of our investments.”

Judy Cutler

“I find it very hard to understand all the financial terms out there and so have greatly appreciated the advice I have received from Jeff. I trust him completely, that he has my best interest at heart, and he works it all out for me. I am very thankful.”

Vince & Judy Wilson

“So far our investments have improved - we were a little apprehensive at first - being unsure of investment advisers - now we have relaxed and rarely think of it. It is another thing we don't have to worry about as we get older.”

Darryl Harrison & Ann Stahlhut

“RetireInvest gives you a smooth road to retirement worry free. It helps make your money work for you to create a comfortable wealth.”

Dave & Annette Kavney

We were in our 30s when a friend asked if we needed to get some financial advice and were we planning for our retirement. We laughed a little, like many people at that age we had debts, a home loan, a family to raise, no savings and a few shares. Our friend suggested we see Jeff at Retireinvest.

We questioned the idea, "how can he help, we are in no position to put more money into superannuation?"

On our first visit Jeff found that Annette had some tax free funds available from a redundancy payout, so quickly that was transferred to reduce our home loan. After some discussion and advice our superannuation policies were moved to better performing ones. Over the following years Jeff and his team have continued to keep us updated on changes to Government policies, Australian and global markets has assisted us with income protection, life insurance, salary sacrifice and now the transition to retirement. It's been approximately 15 years since we first met Jeff with his help our retirement plan is looking a lot brighter. Our advice to people now is it is never too early to plan for your retirement...

Murray & Barbara McLennan

“We rely on RI's experience and knowledge to manage our portfolio to ensure a comfortable retirement.”

Mick & Lorraine Gormley

“We greatly value the friendly, professional, personalised and prompt service of our adviser Jeff and his staff with confidence.”

Whether you’re just starting out, building for the future or looking forward to putting your feet up for a well-earned break - whatever stage of life you’re in - we can help you make the most of your finances.

Everyone's different, of course, but there are some things our clients often confront that can have a significant impact on their finances.

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