Managing my money

Budget planner

Track of your money so you can prioritise your spending and save more. 
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Savings goal calculator

Shows you how fast your money is expected to grow, giving you a time frame on reaching your goals. 
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Compound interest calculator

Shows you how compound interest and regular contributions can help grow your savings. 
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Income tax calculator

Shows how much tax you are likely to pay on income gained from your employment. 
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Super and pension age calculator

When you can access your super and apply for age pension entitlements. 
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Reverse mortgage calculator

Calculates the debt effects of a reverse mortgage and shows the likely impact on your equity over time. 
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Account-based pension calculator

Shows you how long your income from an account-based pension may last. 
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Retirement planner

Shows you how much income you’re likely to have when you retire. 
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Super vs mortgage calculator

Helps you work out if you are better off putting spare money into your super or your mortgage. 
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Government co-contributions calculator

Shows you the amount of Government co-contribution you may be entitled to if you contribute additional money into your super fund. 
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Managed funds fee calculator

Helps you work out and compare the effects of fees on your managed fund investments. 
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Margin loan calculator

Illustrates how the amount you borrow to invest can affect your potential gains and losses. Work out how much you need if a margin call is made. 
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